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Are you taking these types of photos?

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My hope is to inspire you to unleash your inner magic, buy the shoes, eat the cake, but most importantly, dream bigger dreams!

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Here’s another one for the brand photographers. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of women grow their businesses through strategic brand photos that help tell their stories. Although each photo shoot is unique to the client, there are a few standard photos I plan on capturing for almost everyone. Here are the types of photos to capture for brand photoshoots and why. Are you taking these types of photos?

Make a Connection

As I talked about in the blog, “what’s with all of the brand photographers?” – photos are meant to make a connection with your client’s audience. This is why I capture headshots where the client is smiling, waving, or interacting with the camera. This elevates a regular headshot to make more of a connection with your audience. That simple wave comes across as warm and friendly, allowing your client to bridge the gap between the screen and their client.

Let’s Celebrate!

Every business owner has something to celebrate, so plan on capturing that when you have their photoshoot. This can include using confetti, champagne, balloons, or something else your client would find appropriate. The photos can be used to celebrate victories in the client’s personal and professional lives. For example, they could be used to celebrate a birthday or anniversary and a business win. These types of photos are versatile because they can appeal to different audiences.

winston salem brand photography
winston salem brand photographer

Make Your Photos Versatile

When I work with business owners on their brand photography, I consider how they will use those images. Most business owners are on social media and possibly running ads. Creating images with lots of white/negative space allows them to easily add typography or a logo. Knowing how your clients utilize their branding material is key in helping you create photos that help them reach their goals.

Create Custom Stock Photos

There is nothing wrong with stock photos but if you want to elevate your client’s photoshoot experience, then capture “stock photos” specific to their business. This allows them to use images on their website and social media that continue to attract their ideal client. Get creative with it! One of my go-to photos is the ones with an iPad or Laptop with a black screen. This allows them to have their own custom stock photos and market their services, offers, or mock-ups!

Capture that glow!

When you create an incredible experience for your clients, their natural energy will shine through! Candids are a great way to capture them ‘in their element.’ They should be having fun and be comfortable in front of your camera. This may take a minute, but once they relax, that glow will happen through your instruction. This is when you grab those candid shots! These photos will really draw their audience in.

Capture photos that tell their story

When I say “their story,” I mean what they do, who they serve, and how they serve them. Their photos should express the answers to those questions. Capturing them in “work mode” is important and helps showcase their services to market to the right audience. If your client creates products, capturing them through that process will accomplish that goal. If your client is a speaker, then creating images on stage or with a mic would be a great plan! If they do live training, capturing them “going live,” etc. Again, the more creative you are with your client and their photos, the better your outcome could be!

Types of Photos to Capture For Brand Photoshoots

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, brand photos are more than a headshot with a laptop. They are meant to build connections, attract clients, and tell a story. Using these photos will help you begin the blueprint of your brand photoshoots. Head over to my Instagram for more tips!

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