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Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving your brand a reboot, Jodie Brim Creative has the services you need to set your business apart in order to attract your dream clients. 




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This option is best if you need to refresh your library of images for website and social media content.

Your photoshoot will be with Jodie and includes a brand video, makeup application, creative direction, professional posing guidance, and 5 of your outfits to use in the shoot.

lifestyle photoshoots include:

Up To 4 Hours Shooting with Jodie

let's get started

(in studio or on location)

5 Looks/Outfits to be Photographed in

Professional Makeup Application

Full Gallery of Digital Images

Creative Direction + Posing Guidance

Limited Copyright

Total Investment: $5k + tax

1-Minute Promotional Video With Music Overlay

Everything leading up to the actual shoot from the storyboard that she and her team developed, to the location suggestions, to hair and make-up decisions is all thought out and makes you feel very comfortable and confident in the entire experience.

Jodie and her team are phenomenal at encouraging, directing, and uplifting you during the photoshoot and they make sure that you have the opportunity to show who you are, what you do, and who your business serves as much as possible! They truly think of everything you need to showcase your brand. All you really have to do is show up and be you!! 


Beyond impressed with this entire experience!!

The entire process from beginning to end was absolutely amazing!"

Leta Hyche | Realtor


At Jodie Brim Creative, Jodie has curated a hand-selected group of talented photographers. These artists have been highly vetted and personally trained in the field of brand photography by Jodie herself, ensuring a consistent product for all our clients utilizing our signature methodology. With their expert eye, we’ll refresh your brand photos and headshots in our natural light studio. 

Studio sessions are available as group sessions to accommodate you and your team. Ask for more information on this service. 


Strategy Session with Jodie

let's get started

(up to one hour)

Access to JB Studio

Usage of Studio Furniture and Your Own Props

25 Digital Images

Creative Direction and JBC Signature Posing

Limited Copyright

Total Investment $750 + tax

Photography with Associate Photographer

(additional outfits $75 each)

3 Outfits to be Photographed In



Product Photography


 Brand Photography & Headshots



For a quick refresh or a good starting place, our A la Carte services can turn up the volume on your brand

a la carte services



Hair & Makeup Styling



For a quick refresh or a good starting place, our A la Carte services can turn up the volume on your brand

a la carte services

and at Jodie Brim Creative, we know your brand starts and ends with you. Let your potential clients know the people behind the brand are professional, approachable, and engaging with our entrepreneur photography and headshots. 

They say business is personal,

brand photography

Increase your returns by incorporating JB event photography. Trade shows, open houses, and conferences have a limited capacity. Share your event with your entire audience with branded photography that can be used on websites, social media, and marketing materials. 

Corporate events are an important but expensive investment.

Corporate events

We know that one of the most powerful ways to grow your brand is through video content. Static images can be amazing, but for some audiences, you'll never beat the immersive experience that quality videography provides. Jodie Brim Creative provides full-service imagery to bring your brand to life across all platforms. Our brand videography will communicate your brand message and engage your target audience.

Video is absolutely everything these days.


Make sure your clients get the full picture with our professional product photography. On site or in-studio, our photography team will use lighting, staging, and a keen eye to create product photography that educates and entices your audience.

Your products are changing lives.

Product Photography

Behind a professional venture. Show them you’ve covered every detail with complete hair and makeup styling from the professionals at Jodie Brim Creative. 

Your clients are expecting a polished look

Hair & Makeup Styling


Brittany Moshe 

"...your social media stood out, it’s different because it wasn't just hair photos "

When I ask my new clients what was it that made them choose me over other Stylists in the area there is always one consistent answer: “because your social media stood out, it’s different because it wasn't just hair photos ”   

Now that my website, marketing and social media are branded, I have been able to target the exact type of clientele I want. With this new clientele I have been able to increase my prices which has allowed me to go from working 6 days/ 40+ hours a week down to 4 days/25 hours without any loss of income! I actually make more now. 

Calista Phair

This could be you....

pamela- aisle say yes

Jodie Brim is one of the most talented photographers I’ve had the opportunity of working with. Her radiant, fun and creative personality is truly contagious and exudes someone who is called to this line of work - Empowering Women Entrepreneurs. If you are looking to up level your business and want to start attracting more of your ideal clients, this is your girl! Jodie is surrounded by a team of talented women which makes for a phenomenal brand experience. From the brainstorming sessions, to the selection of props, to the level of creative direction on the actual day of your shoot had me on cloud 9! Their attention to detail and the way this project was executed definitely exceeded my expectations….and as a wedding planner it was so refreshing to be able to sit back and let someone else take control of your vision. There are not enough words to describe how thankful I am for Jodie and her team. These ladies have truly changed my life and I’m sure they will continue to do just that, for many Boss Ladies to come!

This Photoshoot allowed me to truly rebrand my business in the MOST Magically Way

I rebranded my business during COVID in May and decided to have my website officially launch with my photos in November of 2020. After my photoshoot I truly received a new attitude meeting everyone from Jodie's team and learning from these awesome women, learning their stories and truths while being empowered of my own passion, vision and truth! I decided that with my current client I was working with if new business came in, how could I do that and still "work" for someone else. I made a decision to no longer even look for a full time role (which I was doing a toiling with) but work full time. Now I am running my business full time and making more than I EVER MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Seriously! More than my corporate role I previously had, and I'm working with 4 corporate clients and just hired a Part Time Consultant to be able to help me with the influx of business I am receiving!

"...Their attention to detail and the way this project was executed definitely exceeded my expectations"

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