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For the last four years, we have served our clients with a membership option and have found that this is a service that is needed by the businesswomen in our community and beyond. 

The Brand Membership
by Jodie Brim Creative


I have THE TAILORED THE OPTIMAL membership to fit the needs of your business.

I will help you take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy by not only providing you with strategic images but with resources to help you attract your ideal client. 

The Annual
Brand Membership

This annual subscription is for the busy entrepreneur who has a clear vision, is short on time, and values the convenience of having a professional handle their content creation. They know they need consistent, fresh photos to keep up with their marketing needs and launches.


Corporate Photography

In today's digital age, a corporation's online presence is more important than ever. High-quality photos and videos can help businesses create visually appealing websites, social media profiles, and online marketing materials, which can help attract more visitors and potential customers.

highlight company culture, staff headshots, and company events with photos and videos.

 great option for

- Portia Mount

This was one of the best investments I've made in myself. I can't recommend Jodie Brim Creative enough if you want to accelerate your personal brand.

Annual Member

Content Curation Strategy Session

(12) 90-minute sessions to use as you choose within one year. 

Skip months or combine sessions. 

Full Gallery of images or a Brand Video

In-Studio or On-Location

Join Waitlist


Creative Direction and Posing Guidance

an annual savings over 30%


Do you offer quarterly photoshoots?

Can my business partner and I use one membership to create content together and separately?

Can I use the membership for our corporation's new employee headshots and any other photos required for our marketing, as we frequently hire new employees?

Our membership offers the flexibility to combine sessions, allowing you to use your 12 credits at your convenience within 12 months. Each session in our brand membership spans up to 90 minutes. Instead of scheduling consecutive photoshoots, you could opt for one quarterly photoshoot, utilizing three session credits per quarter.

Absolutely! Sharing a membership can be a cost-effective solution if you and your business partner work under the same business.  However, if you operate two separate companies, you cannot share one membership and must obtain different memberships for each business.

Yes, absolutely! Since you frequently hire new employees, it's a smart move to utilize the membership to save both time and resources. Other members have already taken advantage of this option and found it an efficient solution for their team members. You have the flexibility to hold your photo sessions at either your place of business or our studio.

 Make your life easier by retaining our services for the year. It just makes sense.

Enrollment Closed

The membership fee is a one-time, non-refundable payment of $10,000+tax.

Each Session includes AN optional Brand Power Hour.

This virtual meeting with our team is essential to maximizing your membership benefits. Our strategic approach to content curation ensures that you save time, generate more revenue, and effectively communicate with your audience. Don't settle for just winging it. Let us help you achieve your goals with our proven strategy.

The option to swap photos for videos 

business coaching sessions

With your membership, you can choose to use your credits for video sessions instead of photo sessions. This will allow you to get a taste of our Signature Brand Experience.  By incorporating a brand video to your membership, you'll have an all-inclusive experience that provides you with all the visual and digital assets you need to propel your business forward.

Choose up to a brand video that is set at one location or choose high-quality b-roll clips.

Gain access to Jodie's calendar for the in-house support you need to build your brand with clarity.

Additional Perks


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