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Suppose you are already a brand photographer, then congratulations! You already know that people are hungry to hire a professional who can capture the essence of their brand. This blog is for you if you are a professional photographer interested in becoming a brand photographer. As you consider your photography career, you may ask yourself, “what’s up with brand photographers?” As businesses turn to the Internet to promote their products and services, the importance of photography has become increasingly apparent.


Brand photography is a way to build a relationship with your audience. Brand photography isn’t just taking some shots with a laptop and notepad. When done correctly, brand images should reflect your client’s story, whom they serve, and how they serve them. As their potential client scrolls through their Instagram feed or website, it should be clear how they can benefit from the brand’s services/products. 

If a client’s brand is loud, fun, and vibrant, their images should reflect that. For example, they might have pictures celebrating with lots of animation. Clients who align with that energy will be drawn to those images.

The images you craft in your sessions help bridge the gap between your client and their ideal audience. Suppose your brand images significantly depart from your client’s brand personality. In that case, their ideal client isn’t attracted to their feed.


Your clients are business owners who wear 100+ hats daily and lean on experts outside their field to help them grow their businesses. When they’re looking at hiring a brand photographer, they’re looking for someone who understands how to help them grow their business through imagery. They want to feel confident in your ability to bring their vision to life.

In contrast to a portrait photographer, a brand photographer can capture and showcase a brand’s personality. As a brand photographer, you know what will work for different marketing platforms and how to help your clients stay relevant. It’s about understanding how to take what your client does and turn it into images that catch the eye and tell their story.


Here’s the thing, remote jobs and businesses are more popular than ever. According to Forbes, 25% of all professional positions in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, in addition to “The Great Resignation,” which is still going strong. What does this mean for brand photographers?

It means that we’re in demand. As people leave their jobs to pursue their ventures, they need brand photographers who can help shape their marketing strategy. Brand photography isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we need talented photographers who can assist in the growth and education of this niche.


Business owners need us! They need our expertise and talent to attract their ideal client to their feed and help tell their story. As the rise in small businesses becomes more and more apparent, it’s time to niche down into brand photography and make a name for yourself!

Are you ready to find a new perspective, make more money and work less as a brand photographer? If so, click here to learn more!

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For over a decade, Jodie Brim has been leading the way in brand photography. An entrepreneur herself, Jodie keeps her eye on the needs of budding business owners. Now as head of a team of experts, she leads the industry by providing unique services, offering her clients a holistic brand photography experience.

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