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Goal Setting for Business Owners

goal setting for business owners
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As business owners, goal setting is essential, but it can be challenging. Goals are a broad topic, and when you don’t reach them, it can cause a struggle with self-confidence. However, when most business owners don’t hit them, it has more to do with how they were set and less about your ability. Let’s dive into goal setting for business owners.

Goal Setting for Business Owners

Why Goal Setting?

When running a business, it may feel like goal setting is one more thing that should be on your to-do list. However, when done correctly, setting goals can significantly help accomplish those goals. Plus, if you share them with a friend or business bestie, you’re 40% more likely to meet that goal. If you’re running your business by the seat of your pants, you will likely not see sustainable success. So, let’s dive into how to set your goals.

Breaking Down Your Goals

When you think about goal setting, you probably think, “I want to hit “$X” in my business this month.” Or, “I want to sell X of this product.” Although these goals aren’t necessarily bad they are often too broad to make an impact.

I want you to get very specific about your goals. If you want to make $5,000 in February, what does that look like per service? Do you need to sell one big package, three medium packages, or ten small packages? Once you have that number, you can determine how many consultations or leads you need to acquire to hit it. This will help you determine your marketing strategy and where you need to focus you efforts.

If one of your goals is to land a speaking engagement, then break that down into bite-size pieces. First, you will need to determine the topics you want to speak on, your pitch email, what headshot(s) you want to use, where you’re willing to travel, and your compensation expectations. Then, you can search for various conferences you’re interested in and begin applying, reach out to your network, and announce it on your social media channels. Most of the time, a speaking engagement isn’t going to land in your lap! You have to make an effort to make it happen. An excellent place to gain some speaking experience and build visibility? Podcasts!

Goal Setting for Business Owners
Goal Setting for Business Owners

Good, Better, Best

Another challenge that keeps business owners feeling like goal setting doesn’t work is that they don’t give themselves a range. I love setting goals that feel just out of reach. However, I ensure I don’t set myself up for failure. For example, if you made $50k this year and set a goal of $300k for next year, the likelihood of meeting that goal isn’t probable without a concise plan. You could set a good goal of $75k, a better goal of $100k, and the best goal of $125k and work towards them. That way, you boost your confidence as you hit the smaller, more attainable goals. And(!) it makes the big goal seem more manageable! Win-win-win.

Goal Setting for Business Owners

Goal setting for business owners is tough, but it’s 100% attainable when you break it down. Setting big, scary goals is important to your growth, but a plan with smaller tasks will help you achieve them.

What big goals do you have for 2023? Remember, you have a higher probability of hitting your goals if you share them with a friend, so email me your one big scary goal for 2023 at info@jodiebrim.com.

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