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Benefits of Working with an Associate Photographer

Jodie Brim Creative's Associate Photographer
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My hope is to inspire you to unleash your inner magic, buy the shoes, eat the cake, but most importantly, dream bigger dreams!

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As a business owner trying to find a photographer that can capture your vision, create client-attracting images, and have fun while doing it is a tall order! You are so excited to find the best fit and you reach out and find that you have the option of working with the brand owner or one of their associates. You may feel unsure about what it means to work with an associate photographer and what that means for your photoshoot. Today, I’m going to explain the benefits of working with an associate photographer.

You’re Working with a Trained Professional

I think when someone realizes that working with an associate will save them money they immediately question the quality of the work they will receive. However, that is far from the truth. Associate photographers have worked with the main photographer to develop their skills before they have their own photoshoots or events with clients. This normally looks like months of training with the owner to learn their posing, techniques, and signature style so that they are able to replicate not only the images for the clients but the experience too.

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Working with an associate will save you money

When a photographer works with associates, then you have the opportunity to receive quality work at a reduced cost. These photographers have created a thriving business that requires a team to support their bookings. Since they (the main photographer) are booked or taking fewer sessions, they offer services through their associate at a reduced rate. You still get the awesome experience and quality of their brand for a bit less and they can continue to build their business. Win-win-win.

You will get on the schedule faster – normally

A photographer that has associates normally has limited availability. Whether they are focusing on a different part of their business or stepping away from sessions their schedule is more difficult to get onto. However, associates have more open availability and are a bit more flexible. This allows you to have your photoshoot sooner than you would if you were to wait for the main photographer.

The benefits of working with an associate photographer are significant. You are working with someone who has been trained by the photographer you felt best fits the job, you’re saving money, and you’re likely getting your project done sooner than later! You can check out our associate photographer’s Instagram here and the services we offer with our associates here.

All images are by our Associate Photographer, Briana

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