My hope is to inspire you to unleash your inner magic, buy the shoes, eat the cake, but most importantly, dream bigger dreams!

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Favorite Resource: Part 2 | Dubsado

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My hope is to inspire you to unleash your inner magic, buy the shoes, eat the cake, but most importantly, dream bigger dreams!

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If you’ve followed me for any length of time then you know I love Dubsado. If you don’t know what Dubsado is, it is a client relationship management system or CRM for short. All of its friends call it Dubs. It allows you to set-up various workflows and automation in order to streamline your processes. It also allows you to create branded forms, schedulers for calls and sessions, and it all syncs to your email provider and calendar.

4 Reasons Why I Love (and recommend) Dubsado

  1. Automations

The #1 way Dubsado makes my life easier is through automation. The simplest, and most used automation that I use, is the ability to combine a proposal, contract, and invoice all into one form for the client to complete. This allows them to select the package and add-ons they want, sign the contract, and pay the retainer all while I’m shooting a session, picking up my daughter, or fixing dinner for the family. Long gone are the days of having the client print a form/contract and scan it back to me. What can I say….when you know better, you do better! (Well you should at least lol)

2. The Scheduler

I recently cancelled my Calendly subscription (which is a scheduler platform). With the upgrades to Dubsado, I now save money by using the built-in scheduler within Dubsado. This allows us to send a scheduler and it is all housed and organized in one place for the client and ourselves. Although it’s lacking some of the features that Calendly has (like copying availability from one scheduler to another) it works well for what I need.

3. Workflows

Workflows are an incredible way to save you time, provide a great client experience, and make more money. Say what, Jodie?! Make more money? How?

We have updated our workflows to allow for certain packages to be booked by our clients 24/7. No waiting on my team because it’s the weekend or after business hours. You want to have your headshots done by Jodie Brim Photography? Then you can book it at any time, including your session date and time (click here to check it out).

When potential clients are able to pull the trigger and get on your calendar at their convenience, you’re going to book your ideal client every time. We, of course, have the option for them to email and ask questions if they would like as well but it’s definitely a win-win for both parties.

4. Their Customer Support

Dubsado’s customer support is unparalleled in the CRM market. They are available close to 24/7, have a plethora of articles and video series for you to lean on when you’re getting started, and are incredibly helpful no matter what issue you’re facing.

They regularly host webinars to help get you started, expand your knowledge, or give out business advice. They also listen to their customers. They work hard to make improvements based on their customers’ request and the owners are regulars on all of their social media channels. It feels more like a family.

I could honestly go on and on about the awesomeness of Dubsado and all it can do for your business. If you aren’t using a CRM to manage your business, I would highly recommend you sign-up for their trial. It includes your first 3 clients, whether that’s for 3 days or 6 months. Feel free to use my affiliate code “keepshining” to get 20% off of your first payment whether you do the monthly or annual plan.

As always, I am here to support and cheer you on so if you have any questions please let me know!

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