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Branding Photography | LetterJess with Jessica Hughes

Jun 30, 2019

It is my pleasure to introduce Jessica Hughes to you today. She is a vibrant woman with an incredible talent for calligraphy and an infectious laugh. We had so much fun during her session and it was great to get the opportunity to get to know here better. Without further ado meet Jessica Hughes!

Why Calligraphy?

Ever since Jessica was a little girl she loved stationery. “LetterJess” is a play on the letterpress which is a form of engraving or printing on paper. She loved that the name rhymed but also how it tied in the stationery design and written calligraphy aspects of what she does for her clients.

Her mission with LetterJess is to inspire delight with each design she creates for her clients. Whether it’s a personalized envelope or dinner place card she desires to delight each person that comes in contact with her work. She knows how much love her clients pour into the details of their wedding or event and she matches their desire with an enthusiasm to create pieces specifically to their needs and vision.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Each day Jessica walks into her office it’s a little different-which is one of the many things she loves about it. She batches tasks in order to be more efficient and keeps her email closed so she doesn’t get distracted but otherwise she loves working on different designs from day to day. One of her favorite tasks? Writing envelopes. The process of formatting and implementing a design is a soothing task with the gratification of it being completed one of her favorite feelings of her day.

During her consultation call days, she spends a good deal of time after the calls logging the details they went over in order to craft their designs from their vision. When she sits down to work on their project she keeps her notes from their session right next to her in order to pull inspiration from them throughout the process.

When she isn’t creating, what’s Jessica up to?

When she isn’t putting pen to paper you can find her at the beach listening to Zac Brown Band or Jimmy Buffet, in the kitchen enjoying the latest meal that her husband has whipped up, or outside in her garden. She’s going to have lemons and limes for harvest later this year! She’s also a doggie mama to three furbabies.

Is there a routine that she follows each day?

Beginning and ending the day in gratitude is important to her. She said, “I find the best way to cherish time spent able to do what I love is to acknowledge and appreciate all the things in my life that make these opportunities possible.” She also began using PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters to help her prioritize her day according to the goals she’s set for herself personally and professionally.

What was her favorite part about working with Jodie Brim and team?

There wasn’t a single conversation with Jodie and the team that didn’t leave her with a huge smile on her face. She was surrounded by bold and dynamic women who made it their goal to help her achieve hers. Each person I worked with through the process of the photo shoot was professional and made me feel at ease. The day of the shoot was filled with laughter, fun, empowerment, and encouragement

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