It all started

 that I carried with me everywhere.

with a purple fujifilm camera

 I fell deeply in love with photography when I was a pre-teen. Who knew I’d be living out my passion from when I was barely a teenager? 

When I first began 

my sweet wedding photographer, megan, who is now my good friend, became my mentor for wedding photography.

to pursue photography

Fast forward 6 years and my work has been published in magazines and even on the cover of a bridal magazine! 

In 2017, I knew 

  When you know, you just know…..ya know? 

brand photography

I always pray for my business + my clients, and the clarity God gave me was unreal! I was like, “Ok God, I hear you!”

In 2017, I knew god called me

god called me to specialize in

 to specialize in brand photography

There’s something so special to me

I love how each business is unique

 when I’m working with a brand

What I love most is learning the deets about how they started and where they’re headed so we can align their brand message to their visual imagery. 

There’s something 

so special to me when i'm

working with a brand

When I’m not working with

i'm loving on my sweet little family

fabulous women entrepreneurs

My homie, lover, friend, and hubby, Chris along with our vivacious little girl, Lydia are my world...they are my why! 

When I’m not working

with fabulous women entrepreneurs

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