Caitlyn Brown

“When something is not encouraging you anymore, when the joy in your work is gone, you owe it to yourself to make a move. Find the joy again, wherever it may be.”

Let's Get to know each other

of all the places you could're here getting to know me. and that means a lot. 

so let's play a game

Meet Jodie

yes, please!

just the favorites please

Never have I ever...

Tried out for a reality TV show.

Bought and Ate A Birthday Cake When It Wasn't My Birthday

Ate Octopus. 


How can you not be happy when you stare at a Peony? You can always find these flowers around my house or on my desk.


Nothing gives me more joy then packing our bags and going on an adventure.


i never forget the gravity of my job. I'm there to capture the most incredible moments of my client's life. it's an honor and a privilege. every image should showcase the love felt during that moment. 

My Philosophy

the JB experience